1. Registration obligations
Please provide true, accurate and complete information requested in the application columns below. Should your information change in the future, please provide prompt updates to maintain your information’s accuracy, trueness and completeness. If the information provided are found to be untrue or if you use another’s name without his/her prior consent, which violates his/her rights, that person shall be held solely and legally responsible for his / her actions!

2. Member services and rules
(1) Once you have completed the registration process, you may log in with the account name and password created to begin using our services. Silicon Power reserves the rights to add, remove, modify, etc. the member services provided without prior notice; the above rules mentioned apply to existing and future services provided.
(2) Members must obey the following rules:
(a) Obey local legislations;
(b) Obey internet and software legislations;
(c) Must not defame, invade privacy, expose confidential business contents; must not infringe trademark, copyright, patents, and intellectual property rights or rights legally own by another.
(d) Must not use the service provided by Silicon Power to, directly or indirectly harass, slander, insult or threaten another. Obscenities and illegal data are also prohibited.
(e) Must not use the service provided by Silicon Power to conduct or perform actions that may cause harm, result in loss or damage(s) to Silicon Power in any way; members must not sell firearms, narcotics, restricted medications, pirated software or other illegal substances.
(f) Members are duty-bound to report any of the above mentioned instances or security breaches to Silicon Power.

3. Privacy Policy
Your personal registration data and other information will be protected by Silicon Power’s Privacy Policy. Upon your completion of the registration process, an account and password will be given to you and it will be your responsibility to manage and safe keep. Do not disclose your account and password to a third party as all activities conducted under your account will be solely your legal responsibility!

4. Suspension, cease or termination of service
(1) Silicon Power reserves the right to suspend, cease or terminate service without prior notice under one of the following circumstances and shall not be held liable for any reason whatsoever:
(a) When conducting website system relocation, upgrade, update or maintenance operations
(b) When the reason to cease or terminate service is caused by a third party
(c) When the reason to cease or terminate service is caused by force majeure
(2) As the website services provided by Silicon Power may cease / terminate due to a variety of causes and may result in member inconveniences. Silicon Power hereby advises members to backup their data onto alternative mediums regularly to avoid losing valuable data and protect your personal rights. Silicon Power shall not be held liable for member or third party losses.

5. External website links
The search engine service and website contents are provided solely for the convenience of the members. The search results are independently provided and Silicon Power does not have a business relationship in any form whatsoever. Should a dispute or damage(s) occur as a result of you linking to an external website, please contact the relevant website, Silicon Power shall not be in anyway be responsible for any loss or damages caused from linking to external websites.

6. Liability disclaimer
Silicon Power in no way guarantees the services provided are in accordance to the following:
(1) The website contents meet all your needs
(2) The website is interference-free, provides immediate, safe and reliable services that is trouble free.
(3) The information provided by the Silicon Power website is accurate and reliable
(4) The purchase of any items, services or data acquired via the Silicon Power website meet your needs
(5) Suggestions and data acquired from the Silicon power website, verbal or in writing, shall not be viewed as a guarantee of any form!

7. Member information disclosure policy
Under the following circumstances, Silicon Power may disclose member information:
(1) When a court order has been issued to disclose member information that may assist in legal / criminal activity investigations (prior written consent from member not required)
(2) When a court order has been issued based on a government organization request (prior written consent from member not required)
(3) When a member violates local legislation(s) or member service regulation(s) (prior written consent from member not required)
(4) When to maintain justice, protect the company or to protect the rights of another (prior written consent from member not required)
(5) Prior written consent from member was acquired from the member
(6) When Silicon Power cooperates with a third party that involves internet services, should the third party agree to take on the responsibilities and guarantee member information privacy, Silicon Power may disclose registrant information to the third party.

8. Personal information update
Silicon Power will take reasonable steps to ensure that any member information is accurate, complete and up to date.
(1) Unsubscribe: to unsubscribe Silicon Power ePaper, click here .
(2) Product Registration: to log in and register product, click here.
(3) Other inquiries: for other inquiries, please email us: service@silicon-power.com

9. Intellectual property rights

The patents, trademark rights, operation confidentiality and technology of the software, programming and contents (including but not limited to text, illustrations, pictures, files, website design, website planning, etc.) belongs to their respective owners. Without prior written consent of owners, members are not allowed to reproduce, edit, distribute, translate or disseminate its contents in any form! Should any member found in violation of such instances, he/ she shall be solely responsible for any legal actions taken and be liable for all loss and damages caused to Silicon Power!

10. Governing law and jurisdiction
(1) The application and interpretation of the services provided shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of China (R.O.C)
(2) Should a dispute arise from the use of services provided by this website, both parties shall try and resolve issues out of court. However, if parties decide to proceed into litigation process, the sole jurisdiction belongs to Taiwan Taipei District Court.

11. Others
(1) Both parties agree to the regulations set forth in this agreement and in no way does it translates into the authorization of other rights not described in this agreement.
(2) Should a single regulation be rendered partially or complete void, other regulations described in this agreement shall remain effective as is.
(3) The online Silicon Power shopping website reserves the right, at its sole discretion to remove any member(s) that have violated regulations or have performed actions that are of abomination!