Another busy and rewarding month for the Silicon Power teams. May (and some of April!) brought us:

  1. A new update to one of our classic memory module releases
  2. Awards and reviews from some of the sharpest critics in tech
  3. A heart-warming tale of giving back in Spain
  4. Quick stories from our influencers around the world
  5. Some exciting news for something big happening in June

Want to know what we’ve been up to? Check it out below.

A Newly Released Memory Module for May


Introducing the DDR4 2666 SODIMM and UDIMM Memory Modules

To meet the needs of evolving performance standards, we’re introducing the DDR4 2666 SODIMM and UDIMM memory modules. Compatible with a range of upcoming platforms and motherboards, the two modules are an important upgrade for users in the months leading up to a DDR5 launch.

Previous models’ memory speeds only reached 2400Mbps. Now, users can install DDR4-2666 memory modules onto a platform with a better user experience and smoother PC performance without taking any overclocking risk. The DDR4 2666 SODIMM and UDIMM memory modules enable higher stability and performance for advanced gamers, multimedia pros, and DIY enthusiasts who want the most reliable performance enhancement they can afford.

Read more here!


Silicon Power Awards & Reviews

ComputerBild Award

ComputerBild (German) reviewed our Bolt B80 and called it the “#1 SSD in the 250GB category”

Read about it here!

MadShrimps (Belgian) reviewed us and granted the A75 with its Mainstream & Value recommendation

Read about it here!

Razorman Award

RazorMan (Spanish) reviewed our M2 2280 240GB memory module and awarded us the “Premio Diamante”

Read about it here!

ETeknix (British) reviewed our Bolt B10 and couldn’t find a single flaw

Read about it here!


An SP Charity Story from Spain

On the 15th of April, a school in Spain specializing in helping troubled youth, received eight Slim S55 120GB and two Slim S55 240GB SSDs from us. The high school, known as Tirant Lo Blanc, celebrated their 50th anniversary last year.

Around 650 students, aged 11-20 years old, can learn arts, math, marketing, electronics, electrical engineering, computers, literature, and much more. They can also take classes to learn a skill like electronics, electricians, various computer fields, and marketing.

Here’s what their teacher Xavier Gregori shared with us:

“We have very good students without any problems. We have not very good students. And, we have students with a lot of problems. The most typical problem is that they don’t want to study. They are too young to realize that they have to study. We have students with economic problems: some of they don’t have enough money to buy books, pencils, even food.”

“Some of the students before the school didn’t do anything. Some of them used to smoke drugs in the street. Silicon Power can help us because we use computers. The students were very happy, because they’ve never worked with SSDs. I told them about the speed of the SSD. They want to test them in our old computers.”

Still, the school needs more help.

“We need modern computers (i5 and above), because we work with old computers. Any technology products could help the students to learn about electronic products: for example: computers, tablets, telecommunications.”

By helping the school, Silicon Power has given Spanish youth the opportunity to learn, grow, and succeed. We look forward to further helping Tirant Lo Blanc and other organizations that need our assistance.


Silicon Power Influencers

Silicon Power Influencer

Nikola @johnbane23

Nikola is a student of IT and a Youtuber from Serbia. His hobby is video editing, so he needed a lot of space for huge, clunky HDDs in his backpack to store all of his video files. But, those are troubles of the past. With a waterproof Bolt B80 that fits in his pocket, he can store anything…even underwater!


Silicon Power Influencer

Charlene @Charlene22

Charlene is a travel and lifestyle influencer from Malaysia. She’s always on the go. She had issues with her adventures lasting longer than her phone battery. She also had issues with storing all of the photos and videos she accumulated. SP supplied an Armor A65 and pink S105 to help her tell her story and provide content to her followers.


Silicon Power Influencer

Jesuel @jesuel_sanchez

Jesuel is from Uruguay. He is a computer maintenance and repair technician. In his free time, he is a passionate gamer with a growing channel on YouTube. He got in touch with us because he wanted to improve his seven year old computer with one of our SSDs.

After using our Slim S55 for a week, he told us that his computer was experiencing very positive changes in speed and performance. He told us his “computer has been revived!


What’s Happening Next Month at SP?

This month, we’ve got new influencers, exciting contests, product launches, informative blog posts, charities, and sponsorships. It’s been a busy time at the Silicon Power headquarters. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about what we’ve been up to this month.

Early next month, Silicon Power’s headquarters will be buzzing with some very important guests. COMPUTEX is coming to Taipei again on June 5th until June 9th. As one of the most prominent exhibitions for Information and Communications Technologies, COMPUTEX will draw thousands of International visitors and local leaders in business and technology together.

During COMPUTEX, Silicon Power will open its doors to guests who want to see our headquarters. For more information, please contact us through the channel you prefer and set up a time to visit HQ.

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