The SP July Product & News Recap

Silicon Power hopes you’re having the best summer of your life. What do card readers, 16,000 km bike rides, top secret medical devices, a charity in Africa, a Canadian survival expert, and a mysterious box (full of what?!) all have in common? We’ll tell you all about it in this blog.


Silicon Power Mobile Combo Key Card Reader

SP’s New Products

We’re breathing new life into the memory card market with the release of three new card readers. We aim to enhance the effectiveness and usability of SD and microSD cards across a number of industries. Our Mobile, Key, and Combo card readers pack a number of unique features and are ideal solutions for a number of uses.

In an age of cloud storage and disappearing physical memory storage solutions, we’re committed to our customers’ needs. Card readers serve a number of purposes that SD and microSD cards can’t do alone. Card readers allow ease of use connectivity and can also help protect fragile cards from “wear and tear.” Without the card reader, the card alone is subject to damage. The new line of card readers are hot swap ready, so users can take out their cards without having to eject from their OS.

Your Mobile Sidekick

The Mobile Card Reader connects Type-C and Type-A to a microSD card. With 3.1 technology, the Mobile Card Reader reaches speeds of 5Gbps and is ready for instant “plug and play.” A unique sandblasted zinc alloy gives the lightweight 10.7 gram Mobile Card Reader its gorgeous look. Users can connect Mobile Card Readers to any Type-C device and upload rich content from digital cameras, dash cameras, drones, hunting cams, GPS devices, and other digital videos.

Silicon Power Mobile Card Reader

The Key to Mastering Your Data

Silicon Power’s Key Card Reader features Type-A to microSD capabilities. Combining performance with ridiculously small size, users can transfer photos, videos, documents, and other important files to any computer or smartphone. The Key Card Reader’s innovative design concept turns this tiny piece of technology into a personal flash drive with a convenient lanyard hole. The Key Card Reader is a thin, lightweight tool with tons of capabilities available with an 8, 16, 32, or 64GB microSD card.

Silicon Power Key Card Reader

The Protect And Connect Combo

The Combo Card Reader comes with a Type-A USB connector, hidden with a retractable sleeve, and supports microSD and SD cards. With transfer speeds ten times faster than USB 2.0 and universal compatibility, user’s cards and the Combo Card Reader itself remain protected. It weighs in at 16.7 grams and comes in white or dark grey. Silicon Power added a blue LED indicator light for intelligent charging indication.

Silicon Power Combo Card Reader


Siente Gambia

Here’s a quick little story from Siente Gambia, a charity we collaborate with. They solve health and educational problems in Gambia with the help of our PHDs, USBs, and power banks.

Silicon Power And Siente Gambia Charity

“We started going to the Gambia six years ago. We were watching Españoles Por El Mundo (a Spanish television show where you can see Spaniards around the world) and it was about Gambia. At that time we decided that we had to do something for the most disadvantaged.

Two years ago, we decided to found Siente Gambia to be able to move around the interior of the country. Basically, we take medical help. This year we have taken two dentists, two cardiologists, one internist, one general practitioner, one rehabilitator, one nurse and two assistants. We have worked in two different sites: Batabut and Fajikunda. We have seen 950 patients and we have carried around 3500 euros in medicines that we left there. Patients are not charged for visits or medications.

We also carry a container every two years that the Caliche Group pays us, full of medical and school supplies.

The Silicon Power devices were a success. We brought these PHDs, USBs, and power banks to help a lot of people in different sectors: teachers of the Spring school of Life School, a person who helps us with the transport of goods, the girls of a sewing workshop that we created years ago, the doctors and nurses of the Hospital of Kantora, the director and doctor of the Fajikunda Health Center.”

Silicon Power Siente Gambia Charity


Jean & Mathieu, SP Reviewers

Jean Baptiste is a hardware reviewer for the French website He reviewed SP’s SSD P32A80 and awarded it the mark of: Good! (4/5) Now, readers of the site looking for a brand new, fast, affordable PCIe SSD know where they can find this solution.

Silicon Power PCIE


Mathieu M. is a Canadian survival expert who runs Québec Survie Urbaine, an online resource for preparing, protecting, surviving, and prospering in catastrophes and disasters. We sent him an A80 2TB. Above is a picture of his “Get Home” bag, a survival kit designed to get someone home in the event that a catastrophic disaster occurs while they are away from home. He told us, “my data is safe on your A80 hard drive and well kept on me at all times.”

Silicon Power A80 Hard Drive


Collaboration with Real Hardware Reviews

Real Hardware Reviews came into existence because of our dissatisfaction with the state of the industry. With over two decades of professional review experience between myself and John we know the industry and know what most review sites are testing for in a given sample. We simply disagree with their focus. Most sites do indeed do a professional job at showcasing an item but seem to miss the mark on why most buyers opt for a given model over another. Some sites focus mainly on raw performance (‘best of the best’), others technical feats of prowess (‘innovation’), others still look at aesthetics (‘pretty’). We firmly believe that most people purchase a model not any one of these metrics but on all of them. This is why we spend so much of a review on the overall value of a given model and showing which group of consumers it is a best fit for it. Be it a hundred-dollar model or a ten thousand dollar one, people want to get the most ‘bang for their buck’. This is why we even include a break down of the most critical areas in a given market and their score in each.

When Silicon Power first approached us we took a look at what SP had produced, how they were received by consumers and thought long and hard about what the design motivation of each model was. After an in-depth conversation with the International Marketing team, we decided that yes we would like to work with SP. We actually do not deal with every company that approaches us as our time is limited – we are a small team and want spend it on enjoyable reviews that meet our criteria as well ‘reverse engineering’ the decision-making process of the design team. We like the fact that SP takes obvious pride in design each model, and each model is targeted at different consumer niches with a unique blend of style, performance, and price.”

Silicon Power Armor A62 Review


August’s Contest

Referral Contest

The three contestants with the most points will win an Encrypted Storage Pack including a 2TB Armor A65 and 64GB Secure G50.

Contestants receive a unique URL referral code upon registration that they share with as many people as possible. Contestants can also get points by following Silicon Power on social media, sharing our blog and contest post on Facebook.

Check out the contest page for more information!

“What’s in the Box”

Social media users will have to come up with their most creative guess as to what could be in the mystery box. The answer we like the best will receive the box with a surprise pack from Silicon Power.

The Summer Photo Contest

Our Photography Pack includes:

Contestants will have to post their best selfie on Instagram with the hashtag #spselfie18. Contestants must follow Silicon Power on IG and have their photo posted by Aug 31, 2018. Our favorite post will receive a Photography pack.

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Silicon Power Contest

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