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Consumer ProductsUSB Drives
USB 3.0 Series
USB 2.0 Series
Blaze B05

Vivid colors and Sleek appearance !
Blaze B06

Get Into Colors, Come Into Styles!
Blaze B30

Transformation with Swivel 360
Blaze B10

Super speed USB 3.0 interface
Blaze B20

Beautifully Fast, Charmingly Classic
Firma F80

Metallic Collection USB Flash Drive
Firma F80-2014 horse-year edition design

The auspicious symbol of Chinese culture
Helios 101

Trendy and rugged metallic design
Jewel J05

Color Up Your Memories
Jewel J10

Perfect combination of beauty and technology!
LuxMini 320

Simple and stylish design
LuxMini 322

Electroplating treatment along the edges with elegant looks
LuxMini 710

Sophisticated metallic body with trendy look
LuxMini 720

The exquisite aluminum surface casing
Luxmini 720 Limited Edition

A Special Gift for Your Special Someone
Marvel M01

A Cost-effective USB 3.0 Choice
Marvel M50

Exquisite Simplicity
Marvel M60

SuperSpeed USB3.0
Mobile 110

Storage On-The-Go
Mobile X10

Storage On-The-Go
T01 Mobile

Storage On-The-Go
Secure G10

Data Security
Touch 810

Light and Slim USB Flash Drive
Touch 825

Touch 830

Simple and rugged metallic design
Touch 830 Limited Edition

A Special Gift for Your Special Someone
Touch 835

Starlight blue color, sandblasting finish
Touch 836

2012 Souvenirs Edition
Touch 850

Rugged zinc alloy construction
Touch 851

Classic checkered and luxury design
Touch T01

Simple and chic stylish design
Touch T02

Painting Your Daily Life!
Touch T03

Show your style with sparkling design
Touch T03-2014 horse-year edition design

The auspicious symbol of Chinese culture
Ultima U05

Vivid colors and Sleek appearance !
Ultima U06

Get Into Colors, Come Into Styles!
Ultima U30

Transformation with Swivel 360
Ultima II I-Series

In compliance with Windows Vista
Ultima U01

Textured design brings new storage experience!
Ultima U03

Reinvent the Timeless Beauty of USB
Unique 510

Color Up Your Memories
Unique 520

Creative Chinese figure shape
Unique 530

Sports/ Recreation styling

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