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News Releases
SILICON POWER astonishes Japan! 3 product lines win consumer trust and beat many rivals! 2010-12-24
 SILICON POWER, the world’s leading manufacturer in flash memory and DRAM modules, announced today that according to the sales ranking provided by the well-known sales rating website – Japan BCN during the period from November 1st to December 19th, 2010, three main product lines of SILICON POWER beat many rivals and are placed on TOP 10 positions of the charts demonstrating that SILICON POWER brand has already won recognition of Japanese consumers and received high level of acceptance in Japan. Moreover, SILICON POWER microSD cards occupied TOP 1 position for 7 weeks (November 1st - December 19th, 2010) continuously, while SD cards 2GB became the champions of sales charts for 4 weeks! This success demonstrates the importance of SILICON POWER brand value and company’s persistence for product quality!
In addition, according to overall ranking of card products during the period from November 15th to December 19th, SILICON POWER high-speed SDHC cards Class 4 4GB became the leaders the charts and from November 15th to November 22nd occupied TOP1 position. While microSD cards 2GB and SD card 45X 2GB were among TOP3 products for 4 weeks continuously. This shows that the competitiveness of SILICON POWER memory products can not be underestimated!
Besides the success of memory cards, SILICON POWER USB flash drive Ultima Ⅱ I-Series featuring light weight and compact size was on TOP 5 positions for 6 weeks in a row during the period from November 8th to December 19th, 2010. SILICON POWER memory modules DDR2 800 2GB (1GB *2, dual channel kit), DDR2 800 4GB (2GB*2, dual channel kit), DDR3 1333 4GB (2GB*2, dual channel kit) and DDR3 1333 8GB (4GB*2, dual channel kit) featuring high performance and stability have been on TOP 10 positions for 7 weeks continuously during the period from November 1st to December 19th and won the trust and recognition of computer enthusiasts. BCN website sales ranking indicates that SILICON POWER brand and products have become popular among Japanese consumers and can not be replaced!

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