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News Releases
Silicon Power's new SD High Capacity 4GB memory card~~ Recording the precious moments of your life 2006-08-18
Silicon Power's new SD High Capacity 4GB memory card~~ Recording the precious moments of your life

Silicon Power is proud to present a new format and capacity in the SD category: SD High Capacity 4GB flash card. Demand for high capacity memory cards is increasingly rapidly as small storage-intensive devices such as mobile phones and portable video games capable of taking high-resolution pictures and playing high-quality videos become widely available. The capacity for SD 1.1 memory card in the past used to be no greater than 2GB. To solve this, the SD association released SD Specifications Version 2.00 for the capacity beyond 2 GB. With the new specifications, it is now possible to develop FAT 32 based SDHC memory card with capacities up to 32 GB. Silicon Power??s SDHC 4GB card is scheduled for release in late August.

Silicon Power's new SD High Capacity 4GB memory card~~ Store up to 3 hours of video

The new SDHC 4GB flash card is ideal for digital video, still cameras and any SDHC compatible devices. In order to read continuous actions in animations, the minimum sustained data-transfer speed has greatly increased. These cards adhere to the SD Speed Class Rating specification which defines three speed classes for speed and performance capabilities: Class 2: 2MB/sec; Class 4: 4MB/sec and Class 6: 6MB/sec. The new Panasonic digital camera SD Card Movie SDR-S200 uses Silicon Power??s SDHC 4GB memory card for its data storage and can store up to 3 hours and 20 minutes of video.

Silicon Power's SDHC 4 GB memory card~~ Preserving memorable moments of your life

Want to capture and keep all your amazing first moments? Digital devices nowadays require expanded memory capacities to accommodate large video, audio and picture files. Silicon Power??s SD High Capacity 4GB memory card is sure to meet the memory needs of these products, including those that use the memory-intensive FAT 32 file system. As a reminder, some of the SDHC compatible digital cameras out in the market are Canon S3 IS, Nikon Coolpix S5/S6, Pentax Optio M10/W10 Panasonic SDR-S200, Sanyo Xacti DMX-HD1 and Casio Z1000. All of these digital cameras support Silicon Power??s SDHC 4GB cards.

The demand for higher-capacity SD Memory Cards still continues to grow due to the widespread use of high-resolution digital cameras, audio and video players. Reacting to remarkable growth in the market for such devices, Silicon Power introduces FAT 32 based 4GB SDHC memory cards for consumers around the globe. The new cards can store 1000 digital songs and load them directly on your mobile phones. Furthermore, you can download animations off of the computer. Store all your cherished memories in life with a single, small-sized card: Silicon Power??s SD High Capacity 4GB memory card.


Adheres to SD 2.0 specification
Size: 24x32x2.1mm
Capacity: 4GB ~ 32GB
Reading/Writing performance: over 100,000 times
Shelf Life of Digital Data Storage: 10 years
High speed performance in for storing essential digital content such as high quality photos, videos, music and more
Supports ECC Function, automatic correction for error
Compliant with SDMI specifications

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